06 December, 2009

Fashion in movies: My favorite accessory part 1

Fashion comes alive on the movie screens giving our favorite characters and actors an iconic status. Since the beginning of the cinema actor's wardrobe was as much as a part of the plot as the happy end. Each piece of apparel, including important extras, is carefully selected by directors to make sure it gives a character or a scene believable factor. If you pay attention to any scene you notice that the main character's outfit stands out the most in color and overall look. Since the movies are usually made about a year in advance some directors prefer to work with "neutral style" so, the fashion won't appear out of date by the film release.
There is been a lot of cross-pollination between fashion and movies. Currently there are more hot actresses sporting latest styles on magazine covers then professional models. Since 1940's fashion designers are becoming revered as the costume designers like Jean Paul Gaultier in "The Fifth Element" and many others. Movie fashion influence extends into creating household names out of designers and stylists who dress imaginary characters. Just think what "Sex And The City" did for Patricia Field and Manolo Blahnic.
Some of the most recognizable fashion items in the movie's fantasyland that defies all genres, generations and genders is a scarf. Here are some of my favorite "on the screen scarf" moments:
Who can forget notorious Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada" who had boxes of scarves stashed in her office, home and of course, her luggage (best fashion accessory) to wear everyday. Here is how Miranda's scarf was styled.
A scarf was tied in a loose way to add a sexy finishing touch to Carrie's/SJP's ultra feminine men's suit in "Sex And The City". Here is how it was done
Here is another fabulous and easy going "SITC" look. Scarf as headwear styling suggestions
Neither living or a vampire fashionista can resist a great scarf style. Alice's Greene/Alice scarf style in "Twilight Saga - The New Moon"
This ageless and classic style looks glamourous with an added touch of mystery. Just like a Alice in Twilight/Ashley Greene.
How can we talk about fashion without iconic Grace Kelly, who has this scarf style named after her.  Here she is in "Rear Window". This scarf style is also great if you're trying to avoid your hair ruined by a flock of birds:)
And, of course, another icon Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" having "Holly Golightly: How do I look?" moment 
Any fashion shopping lover will recognize these moments from "Confessions of a Shopaholic" where the scarves were flowing as white lies:) Here is Isla Fisher and Kristin Scott Thomas
These are my favorite movie moments. Please share yours.
If you have any scarf pictures and would like to know how to achieve the style please let me know.

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