25 November, 2009

"Twilight"s Ashley Greene/Alice inspired scarf styling tips part 1

I have a tradition of seeing a lot of movies during the holiday seasons and “the Twilight’s saga New Moon” was definitely on my must to see list. Ashley Greene’s character Alice caught my eye the most since she was wearing scarves in some major scenes and looked very stylish. Here are my “Ashley Greene/ Twilight’s Alice” scarf styling tips on how to replicate these looks:  

In an exciting "Race to Volterra"scene Alice wore her scarf in a very glamorous way as it should be while you're driving something as fabulous as a yellow Porsche:
Here is how to achieve this look:
Step 1: Fold a large 36" square scarf in half
Step 2: Place the scarf on your head and tie it loosely under your chin
Step 3: Loop on end through the knot and make it a bog loose knot
If you like to go for extra glamour add some big sunglasses

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