12 January, 2011

First fashion collaboration with Roger Smith Hotel RSPOP Branded Suites and Sabina Les

RSPOP Branded Suites are presenting a fashion collaboration with renowned designer, Sabina Les. As seen in Elle, The Today Show and Style.com, Sabina Les’ designs have been acclaimed for their boldness in color and elegance, in addition to the superior quality and versatility. The design inspiration for her scarves come from Sabina’s love to mix and match various fabric textures and design elements. Showing the world that one can be soft as silk and strong as a metal at the same time. Come and experience an exclusive fashionably elegant touch of the Roger Smith Hotel and Sabina Les scarves together!
Package Includes:
  • Complimentary Chilled Bottle of Prosecco
  • Designer Scarf by Sabina Les
Available January 13-21
Limited availability of 1 room per night
Sabina Les contact: www.sabinales.com Twitter: @SabinaLes  Facebook: SabinaLesFashion

05 January, 2011

Christmas trees and my travel memories

Interesting Christmas trees i encountered in my latest travels...
USA, New York City: Financial District
USA, San Francisco: Macy's had a pets for adoption in the windows
USA, San Francisco: Neiman Marcus
USA, San Francisco: Union Square
France, Paris: Utilizing Christmas Tree as a skirt
Netherlands, Den Hague: Forks and spoons mixed with ornaments
Netherlands, Den Hague: Denim all the way
Netherlands, Scheveningen : Can you believe there was a riot at the Rolling Stones concert
Netherlands, Amsterdam: Come and play with Santas
And my favorite home tree in Den Hague, Amsterdam
USA, New York: And the end....until the next year