18 November, 2009

Gifting without gift wrapping

Most of us have a soft spot for beautifully packaged gifts regardless of an occasion. When shopping for one the way an item is displayed is a big selling point for me. Being eco-conscious I’d prefer not to use more paper then necessary and personally, I’m a little too impatient for wrapping presents. Also, being in an economic crunch an already packaged gift eliminates the need for spending more money on wrapping paper, tape, bows and other wrapping necessities of your choice. The saved money can go towards better gifts options or put to another use. 

This concept of gifting without gift-wrapping inspired me to think of how I want my line of scarves to be presented. My choice was to go with a great quality clear open lid box that beautifully shows off a scarf’s pattern and fabrication. The look of happiness of instant gratification on the other person’s face and elimination of paper mess is the only Thank You that I need:)

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