16 November, 2009

Silk Infinity scarf styling tip

In my never ending experimentations for various ways to incorporate silk scares into my wardrobe and come up with easy styling ways to make the best of this versatile accessory. With the infinity scarf trend out  there I've tried on various infinity scarves of there but found that i don't like the bulkiness of heavier fabrications and the softness of silk feels much pleasant to the skin. Also, i'd have to buy another winter only accessory instead of having one all year around. With that said, here is...

Silk Infinity Scarf Look in 3 steps

Step 1. Use a long oblong scarf
Step 2. Tie the scarf's ends together
Step 3. Loop the scarf twice around your neck
Here is the final Look

By wearing silk scarf this look can be taken from casual to evening.

Scarf used here is long oblong from Reptile Chain Collection

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