25 November, 2009

"Twilight"s Ashley Greene/Alice inspired Scarf styling tips Part 2

Here is Part 2 of Ashley Greene's "The Twilight's saga New Moon" character Alice scarf styling tips:
I experimented with two different size and shape scarves.
Here is how to replicate this style with a long oblong scarf:
Step 1: Drape the scarf over your shoulders
Step 2: Wrap the ends around the neck
Step 3: Tie the scarf's ends in the center front

Here is how to replicate this style with a large square scarf:
Step 1: Fold the scarf with corners inside diagonally as shown
Step 2: Drape the scarf in the front
Step 3: Wrap the scarf in opposite direction around the neck
Step 4: Tie hanging scarf edges into a knot at the neckline center

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