09 June, 2010

5 styling tips on strategic use of scarves

One of the best fashion accessories for emphasizing your assets and hiding body areas you’re not comfortable with is a versatile silk printed scarf. As far as in 1000 b.c. people understood and appreciated how a strategic placement of a scarf can improve an overall physical appearance and disposition.

Most of your wardrobe investment should go into a fabulous quality accessory such as a printed silk scarf that will fit you and pull any outfit together either you’re size 4 or 14. From a financial stand point it doesn’t worth to invest much into size transitional clothes during the process of a weight loss.

Here are 5 styling tips on strategic use of scarves

1. Wearing scarves that hang down style (long oblong/large square) make your legs appear longer and create a slimmer shape overall.

2. A simple act of styling a gorgeous scarf around the neck will bring up attention around your face that’s usually the thinnest part of the body.

3. Create every body flattering v-neck wear a scarf tied hanging low and tied in the front

5. If you’re not comfortable with your backside then cover it with a large square scarf folded as a sarong. Can be worn with any daily outfit and swimwear. 

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