01 June, 2010

Limelight change from a club to shopping mall

New York City is a living entity that constantly evolves and with each minute there is a change. Fashion shops became coffee shops...coffee shops become fashion shops. Former world known night clubs aren't an exception. I recently visited one of my favorite places in NYC, Limelight and was shocked by the change. I've seen this former Church change its names, interiors, owners and even designed some of their club flyers. The current stark white interiors and bright colored shops stirred some pleasant and not so pleasant memories about amazing events and decadent people.
Inviting front entrance gleaming white doors that used to be guarded by numerous promoters, guest list people and security guards. 
New black and white clean lines graphic interior is a far cry from the dark and mysterious former style
The legendary stage area which was a home for fabulous drug queens, numerous party people and rock bands now is a place for the bright and happy candy shop and flip flops stands. 
Gourmet food shopping taken place in this room instead of dancing and a cash register instead of a bar
Black and white graphic design theme continues to the famous stairways that used be all black and where anything, everything and anyone could happen
This current t-shirt shop area used to be one of the main private rooms full of celebrities and vips 
Former DJ booth area that hosted some of the best world spin masters now offering polo shirts
This pastry shop is where exclusive events took place right above the DJ booth offering the best view of the space
Instead of hanging out with party people outside the club now you can pick up your fresh produce

Overall i do like the concept of small shops and independent designers taken place there instead of another mass market cheap merchandise pusher that makes NYC look like a suburban shopping mall.

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