24 January, 2010

Sandra Bullock: romance and fashion...

While watching SAG awards my mom and I started talking about Sandra Bullock. Some of us like her some of us are annoyed by her. As they say can’t please everybody. I liked the fact that her award acceptance speeches seemed more genuine and not overly sugary. It was very endearing to see that this year's award nominees showed their appreciation and gave credit to their significant others more then usual. Maybe, it’s the hard times around us, or a threat of a costly divorce or maybe they’re getting older and appreciation comes with experience. Sandra Bullock wasn’t an exception in thanking her husband, Jesse James. In my eyes she makes him “look good” since you have to wonder what this tattooed all over, white trash looking, flannel plaid shirt wearing with a porn actress as an ex-wife and couple of kids in tow has to offer a woman as popular, high standing and attractive as Hollywood’s favorite as Sandra. Probably, it’s the way she said “that she never knew how it feels to have someone who has her back felt like before she met him” that made me like him. Or perhaps, some tricks he picked up from being with someone in porn businessJ He earned my professional respect by showing his business smarts and accomplishments at Donald Trump’s "Celebrity Apprentice" whish I watch religiously. He’s welcome to give me marketing advice for my company any time. It was adorable to see how she gushes over him like a teenage girl with a crush. On a personal note, I hope they’ll be as happy and vomit inducing cute like that for a long long long timeJ
Ok, I regressed with all that relationship mush and let’s get back to what’s important- fashion! Although, Sandra is not someone that is perceived as a fashion icon and red carpet favorite we still like to see what’s she’s wearing. Here are some of Sandra’s looks from various award shows. 

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