15 January, 2010

Purple haze all around …

“Purple haze all in my brain ….Purple haze all around …Purple haze all in my eyes…”  by Jimmy Hendrix perfectly describes my current obsession with this particular color. In my case I literally mean the “color” and not Hendrix’s mind state. My latest designs are in purple tones, I wear purple nail polishes and eye make-up. Maybe what I’m drawn to is the way purple is derived from the mixing of a strong warm and strong cool colors and it has both warm and cool properties. Maybe it’s the way I derive my own inspiration from combining soft and strong art element properties. I wish that my favorite line from “Mean Girls” “and on Wednsday we wear Pink” would have been “Thursday is the Purple day”. Love SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy sketch hosted by Will Ferrel aka Alex Trebek offering “I tell you what, let's do Colors That End in Urple. For $800. This color ends in "urple” choices.
The legend has it that Herakles' dog chewed some snails along the Levantine coast and that caused his mouth stained purple. It takes about 12,000 of shellfish to produce 1.5 grams of pure dye. King Phoenix received a purple-dyed robe from Herakles and decreed the rulers of Phoenicia should wear this color as a royal symbol. Hence Purple becoming the color of royalty. Purple dye was so expensive that it caused some royal marital spats as Emperor Aurelian refused to let his wife buy a purpura-dyed silk garment, as it cost its weight in gold.

To this day it's a color of honor in U.S. military and The Purple Heart medal given to solgiers wounded in battle. 

Purple flatters any complexion, from light skin and blonde hair to dark black skin and hair. It’s also an unisex color. Adding a purple accessory such as scarf, bag or shoes makes any conservative outfit look instantly sexy and less severe. For a vintage affect experiment by mixing purples and browns together. In my scarf designs I used purple as the main accent colors combining it with citrine yellows, blues, black and greys.

Green and brown eye color shines when some shades of purple are blended. My favorite make-up technique as of lately. Also, purple eye make up creates softer look then strong black and charcoal.  
My current eye make-up palette

My nail polish addiction is "What a Broad" by OPI for Sephora

Here are some things that make me appreciate Purple

Salvador Dali's "Chant 15: Dante's Ecstasy"

And here are some things that make me question Purple

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Bespoken4 said...

Oooh! Love purple! That purple sumo thong is questionable though heheh.

Would love to see some of your purple scarves!!