18 December, 2009

Henry Bendel and mice fun holiday windows, Dec 2009

As always Henry Bendel has some of the most innovative and fun windows on 5th Avenue. The prominent color theme was signature HB chocolate-yammy brown and white/brown stripes.
Wish i had thos laptop:)...and shoes...and stockings...

It looks so much fun to pour champagne down while sitting on a disco ball

I loved detailed adorable mice scenes underneath the main window stories and how they were tied together by unexpected details.
The Disco Mice have fun in their holographic outfits and colorful dance floor after drinking from a martini shaker, eating gold cheese and nibbling on the rhinestone red apple

The Mice Pirates having fun with rings, necklaces and other treasure they stole from the girls above them

This kitty trying to retrieve a necklace from the Cool Mice sporting sunglasses and little sneakers

And of course, champagne glasses filled with yammy treats and little gifts

All photographs are taken by Sabina Les and might be used with permission

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Bananas Rosa said...

Love the windows! Thanks for posting them Sabina! Happy Holidays from Costa Rica.