21 December, 2009

Bergdorf Goodman's Holiday Windows 2009: humans, animals and music story

The interaction of humans and animals through music was one of themes explored for Bergdorf Goodman's holiday windows display for 2009.
This eclectic mannequin band predominantly dressed in black, white with hints of blue and red paid a homage to a marching band. White feathered hats gave a great visual balance with the snow.

The north pole landscape completed with polar bears in the background was romantically lit with golden soft candle light and was completed with a wolf playing a white piano that had icicles hanging of off it.

The concept of two polar bears were expanded into live size figures that featured amazing and intricate beaded work and clear stones as icicles.

A punkish three member band performed for all penguin audience under sparkling disco balls.

This Victorian era ornamentally inspired silvery white window items would make an ice queen giddy with desire to have in her possession everything there from a picture frame to a trombone playing monkey and lobster playing a violin.

This white cut out ornamented ice queen inspired dress was a startling contrast with the emerald colored bead and stone covered horses

All photographs were taken by Sabina Les and can be used with permission only.

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