27 September, 2009

What color Green means to me...

My personal fascination with many shades of color green started a long time ago before Green became the new Black. Back then I was sporting intense green colored scarves, bags and other fashion items along with my shockingly red hair color. Let’s just say you could see me about a mile away (i promise to post a picture:)).
Without going into lengthy and technical explanations on how color Green is produced in terms of wavelengths, color coordinates, HEX numbers, RGB or the color wheel, here are some interesting facts on how this particular color is perceived around the world. The word Green is derived from Old English verb “growan” that means “to grow”. Green has a long legacy of being: an eyeliner color for the Egyptians and still very relevant in make-up today; religious symbol color for Christianity; lucky color in Asian cultures; national color of Ireland alongside with a lucky clover leave; color of many country’s flags; social hierarchies symbol in Elizabethan times under the Sumptuary Law; color vitality and healthy food; re-birth of Spring season, relaxing shade under Feng Shui decor; one of the most important colors in art; believe that wearing green makes one more eloquent; American slang term for money; the symbol of hope and growth for some and symbol with jealousy and envy for others. However, the most common associations are found in its ties to nature’s vegetation relative to water and life. It’s a preferred camouflage color either if you’re an insect or a reptile, army personal stationed near forests or a civilian who’s trying to tone down ones skin redness. As we’re trying to give back to the environment and be more conscious of our usage of natural resources there was a big spike in eco-friendly “green fashion”.
But most important it gives us a notion of balance, harmony, and stability. No wonder it’s been one of the most prominent fashion color for the past couple of seasons. With all that stressful living we have to do on daily basis a little harmony and relaxation is a must. So, the next time you don’t feel centered reach for a cup of green tea and talk to your plants.
Here is some Green in my life right now

In this picture i'm wearing 
  • Green Bvlgari sunglasses (don't leave my home without them) 
  • Green Vertigo top
  • Green Milani eye pencil
  • Green Philosophy Spicy Pearl Cobbler lip gloss

Eco Chic fashion show last New York Fashion Week at the Museum of Natural History 
Green mailboxes in Financial District, NYC

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