27 September, 2009

A customer’s point of view on independent designers and retailers

This post is inspired by an interesting phone call that I just got from a potential customer who complained that all new designers he’s interested in and wants to purchase are only retailing on line and he wants to see the merchandise. He voiced his opinion retailers should look into buying newer and fresh independent designers. That conversation made me feel better since I’ve been thinking about the subject and was afraid that I was being biased because I’m an independent designer myself.

From my perusing of various social sites I noticed that it seems to be a hot topic on fashion preferences that are spiking up all over the world. As one example is a post on a very popular international social site: “I hate (very recognizable two letters initials)” that resulted in about 9,000 views and comments alone. Practically, every social site has numerous posts searching for some new names and posts stating how bored the people are with seeing the same design on every third woman on a street. It seems like potential customers from the entire world are uniting in their mutual quest and desire for some new, fresh names and designs and art with a combination a familiar quality.
Granted that well known brands have a lot to offer in both, quality and emotional values, and I personally own some of those names I do mixed them up with less know names.  Better yet, I wear less know names and spice them up with well-known brand names. There are some designer’s brands that I refuse to buy because they look like their own fakes or I don’t want to wear an uniform from that brand.
In this economical environment it’s safer for the retailers to be safe with brand names that require very little promotion but is the price worth it the long run. The question is: would the retailers be benefiting from the infusion of new designers and stimulate customers with fresh names. Perhaps, sell floor ratio of well-know brands and new designers should be modified accordingly and be a little more daring with taking chances on new talents.

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