02 November, 2010

Cougar in the rain

Glad that i received my Cougar rain boots just as the cold, rainy and slushy weather is upon us. I'm ready to face the elements in my new "Tibet" fashionable red, warm and comfortable rain boots. The boots' outside rubber, inside polar fleece lining and sweater cuff are all nicely soft and smooth. Also, they fit to the true shoe size, in my case US size 7. 
I find the "Tibet" boots to be both sporty and fashionable. Different material textures of patent leather like rubber, sweater cuff with two ground matching red stripes and cut-out design details give them a stylish visual appeal. The color combination of darker red, medium gray and black sole makes it neutral enough to wear with almost anything. Some rain boots can be a little too tall but the"Tibet" ones are a perfect 8.5" height. Also, 0.5" heel makes New York City's puddle hopping much comfortable. 
It's cool that the brand had a laboratory testing done to determine resistance and heat loss and ability to keep feet warm. I appreciate the fact that i don't have to double up on the socks to keep warm. And the boots are easy to take care of as well. 
No need to sacrifice style for comfort in those boots. Can't wait to try out my Cougar winter boots. 
Boots courtesy of Matchstick
Photos by Sabina Les

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