17 September, 2010

Picture diary of the Inside New York Fashion Week tents

Atmosphere inside the new home of New York Fashion week at the Lincoln Center
Subway station sign directing to the Lincoln Center Tents

Inside the Lincoln Center tents
Mercedes Benz presenting their latest models at the tents
"Hublot" watch stylish presentation with the New York Fashion Week 
video spot playing inside the stand on the far right.
"DHL" display makes delivery fashionable
"Starbucks"'ulimited Frappuccino oasis
"Kim Crawford" liquor relaxes you while "Maybeline" gives you a make over
To know the latest "who" "where" and "how" in fashion 
pick up the latest issues of the "Daily" and WWD
New technological additions: self check-in station (left) where a bar code scanned to gain access 
inside a fashion show and Fashion GPS system (right) eliminated the need for a printed list mishaps 
"AOL" media lounge provides computer stations and rest areas
Accessories sponsors stands overlooking outdoor area inside the tents

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