01 September, 2010

Bespoke fashion by Eyola

The perfect three words to describe what Eyola’s design represent would be: dramatic, frivolity and decoration. This London based designer focuses on structure and ultra-refined silhouettes, the influence of her time working under the late Alexander McQueen.
As a designer, Eyola earned her right to be called Vogue Italia’s favorite with style philosophy and interpretation of the Victorian era’s opulent, frivolous and decorative style for the 21st century aesthetics.
Eyola creates one-of-a-kind pieces for 'haute fashion' lovers, as well as limited edition pieces with a maximum run of eight in a particular fabric or color. 
Each collection takes the form of Octettes that comprise of eight individually crafted and distinct designs and personality. Fashion silhouettes ranging from structured separates to dreamy gowns made from the finest silks, chiffons, satin and wools and adorned with horn buttons along with velvet details. Eyola’s color scheme is influenced by the Victorian era’s palette that pays homage to the discovery of bold colourful dyes by William Perkin.
Designer’s new creations are being exclusively introduced every eight weeks on her e-boutique. Rightfully it became a luxurious shopping destination for limited edition designs.
To view collection please visit designer's site at http://eyola.com/octette.html
For inquiries: info@eyola.com

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