05 March, 2010

Wearable art handbags, LaLucca summer 2010

Miami based LaLucca handbags grab your attention with their rare and diverse design aesthetic. Behind each bag there is an intelligent design story and strong sustainable branding thought. A successful creative and business collaboration of this wife-husband team, Dominican Republic born designer Laura Pimental and international artist Aleksandar Kirilov of Bulgaria, resulted in sexy wearable pieces of art. Distinct bright hued artwork, signature hot pink lining, hard to detect hardware and Kirilov's signature make LaLucca bags identifiable and appealing to a woman who appreciates handmade quality and uniqueness. Travel bags and accessories are also part of LaLucca's selection. No wonder LaLucca's fan base include celebrities like Eva Langoria, Fergie, Blake Lively, Rihanna, Sienna Miller and many more.
LaLucca's Summer 2010 Preview in New York City was hosted by bag-a-licious mavens, tv personalities and bag experts Pamela Pekerman and Michelle Finkelshteyn of bagtrends.com. Each limited edition ornate bag goes through a fascinating production process as explained to me by Laura and Alexandar: first the leather canvas is shaped as a bag, then painted with acrylic paint and sealed for practical functions such as being able to be washed as any leather bag. The time of creating such a bag ranges based on Alexandar's inspiration and painting process. Then the raw materials get send to their Dominican Republic factory for the final hand made finish. LaLucca Summer 2010 collection presentes six new styles featuring feminine and soft lines and shapes. The colors are various shades of reds, blues, pinks with a strong influence of black and white.
Bags as vintage "Deck of Playing Cards" in time for the Alice in Wonderland fashion craze
Aleksandar Kirilov (artist), Laura Pemental (designer) and Alex McCord  (co-star of BRAVO's "Real Housewives of NYC) 
Digital techno trend
Graphic flowers
Folkloric influence by Aleksandr's homeland, Bulgaria
Japenese inspired Cherry blossom elements
The bags are available on their website as well as numerous locations in U.S. and worldwide. 
Aleksandar Kirilov (artist), Laura Pemental (designer), Pamela Pekerman (bagtrends.com), Alex McCord (Real Housewives of NYC), Michelle Finkelshteyn (bagtrends.com)

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