08 March, 2010

Is Jean Paul Gaulter for Target hit or miss?

Yet another super-designer and a mass retailer collaboration is here. This time it is legendary Jean Paul Gaultier and Target. In my fashion career i had to "dumb down" a lot of design concepts to make it more accessible for for a general customer so it's amazing how much of JPG's flamboyance had to be dumbed down in this case. Here are some looks and responses for Jean Paul Gaulter for Target® line along with some great product descriptions:
Old Pink (looks like the skirt's style is living up to its name) for $34.99

Granted i like the color, graphic accent stitching, insert details and the review that described it perfectly by: oda.mae Saw this at the store and was not impressed- it is really short and looks like something I wore in 7th grade with bobby sox and saddle shoes. I would say if you miss your cheerleader skirt that just barely goes lower than the crotch, this may be for you but the fabric is a sateen- too shiney making it tarty.
Pinstripe Skirt for $34.99
How is it different then any other pin stripe, front pleats, pockets and build in with a rectangular bucket skirt out there?  
Target website features description:  Length: Above Knee - Looks like it barely covers model's panties.
Double Breasted Pinstripe Jacket for $49.99
Surprising to see that a designer like J.P. Gaultier who's known for his wild imagination got the most praise for this somewhat conservative office looking polyester/rayon/wool blend jacket. Review:"Majorly dissapointed in this collection, except for this piece. This is probably the only well made, not cheap looking, very cute piece in the entire collection. Dissapointing to say the least, but I definitely reccomend this blazer!
Pleated dress-Mint Ash Green for $59.99
The straps remind me of a garter belt closure snaps - inspired by JPG's famous lingerie style
Description is: Simple but elegant pleats are real people–pleasers... - Still thinking what that could mean
Features described as Neckline Style: V-Neck Neckline - Is this really a v-neck?
Strapless Cloque Dress for $59.99
This is a nice choice for all LBD lovers and no wonder it was one of the first items out of stock. Save and simple with some edge to it. I don't think i'd personally would want to wear any dress that is made out of 100% Nylon with 100% Polyester lining but the good news is that it's machine washable. 
Features: Sleeveless Sleeves - Was it really necessary for this particular dress description?
Mesh Tattoo Print Dress for $29.99
This dress looks more like JPG's print even if the fish bears a strong resemblance to the Ed Hardy's fish tattoo design. Cute halter sundress and it got some positive reviews. The blue top picking out of the dress is Lingerie Tank Top retails for $19.99. Again, the website shoppers were told that the dress was sleeveless. 
Features description: Neckline Style: U-Neck Neckline , Rolled Collar - Invisible Collar?
Halter Dress - Spanish Mustard for $59.99 that came with a RHS3 Warning: This bright yellow frock will bring fellows to a halt and make the ladies green with envy. That said, we encourage you to saunter away.
I like the overall concept of that dress from nice twisted straps to large ties in the back. An attempt to make a high end looking dress with unfortunate fabric choice. The dress reviewers agreed that they didn't like the fabric because it was "cheap, flimsy raincoat type material. It is awful in person, and I loved the photos online!"
Leather Moto Jacket - Brown/Red for $199.99
As a fan of the biker jacket i have to say i like this 80's inspired look with stitching details and color blocking. It got positive reviews so there is hope of something good coming out this collaboration. 
Features: Neckline Style: V-Neck Neckline , Regular Collar - Does the copy righter knows what "regular collar" is?
Gold Shoulder Knit Tops for @29.99
80's inspired shoulder cut-out draped top with adjustable drawstring waist is a cute choice for a night out or easy lounging. This 100% polyester jersey opaque top comes in solid blue and yellow/black stripe.
Anchor Braid Knit Top for $19.99
This top reminds me of Jean Paul Gaultier's fragrance advertisements and commercials. This JPG's signature French sea man look style is another sell out for Target.
Mix and match Bikini Tops and Bottoms for $17.99 each
You can play a stylist by mixing and matching your swimsuit's tops and bottoms. The choices are 3 floral prints and a tattoo print. It looks like it has good possibilities and nice fit. 

Overall the line has distinguished details that are taken across the board from bottoms to swimsuits:
Affordable price that enables you to say "I'm wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier"
80's inspiration with a shot of vintage
Feminine and mix and match silhouettes
Stitching and pleating details
Floral, vintage and graphic prints
The colors story felt a little disjointed to me ranging from only 1 item in red (dress) to the tattoo print across almost all categories.

It feels like they were trying to introduce everything in one try: lingerie, casual, office, evening and swimsuits.
All pictures and description are taken from Target website

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