11 March, 2010

"Girl Up" with Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry

Since 2007 Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry embodied her innate understanding of modern luxury with an inspiration of classic styles. Each piece in Ivanka's youthful and stylish heirloom-chic jewelry collection is distinguished by superior quality breathtaking diamonds, commitment to craftsmanship and are adorned with Ivanka Trump's seal of approval, her personal signature with a trademark coral enamel accent mark.
Ivanka Trump's heirloom-chic vision is extended by the introduction of 65 new styles for the 2010 extending the collection to about 165 pieces. The brand's fine jewelry focus is reinforced by using only precious metals and stones with the price ranging from $550 to $8000. The collection is geared towards an independent, self-purchasing woman of today who now can purchase Ivanka's jewelry at the brand's store on Madison Avenue and some of the top US and international retailers.
Jewelry collage
Signature branding 
No wonder Ivanka Trump is involved in the United Nations Foundation's "Girl Up" campaign, a new initiative to improve lives of adolescent girls in developing countries. "Girl Up" provides an opportunity for U.S. girls along with their families and friends, to help under privileged girl with an opportunity for a healthier lifestyle, education and safety. “Ivanka is a natural role model to young women worldwide and her dedication to adolescent girls and UN issues made her a natural fit for the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign,” said Kathy Bushkin Calvin, Chief Executive Officer of the UN Foundation. “Working together, we can give girls in developing countries a chance to live up to their potential as the bright, talented girls that they are and set them on the path of becoming the strong, independent and healthy women of tomorrow.”
Dual celebration of 2010 Fine Jewelry collection lunch and the UN spokesperson took place in 6,000 sq. feet Penthouse of Trump Park Avenue that was recreated in the style of Ivanka's whimsical Madison Avenue boutiques and hosted such style-makers as Andre Leon Talley, Wendi Murdoch, Nigel Barker, Patricia Field, Robert Verdi, and Jill Zarin, in addition to her family, friends and jewelry industry leaders.
Event atmosphere
Donald and Ivanka Trump
Robert Verdi (left), Ivanka Trump, Nigel Barker (right)
Entertainment for the evening included an exclusive preview performance of British dance-pop sensation Little Boots. She performed 3 songs off her much-anticipated debut album “HANDS”. Little Boots, known as Victoria Hesketh is on the US tour promoting her new album. 
Little Boots/Victoria Hesketh and Ivanka Trump

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