23 March, 2010

Getting personal with Cocktail Chic's Ashley Tschudin

I made some great personal and professional connections on Twitter. One of my fashion obsessed Twitter friends is Ashley Tschudin aka @CocktailChic, creator and editor of two very popular blogs "Coctail Chic" and "Vintage Vanity". I got a chance to ask her some questions about what inspired her to enter the blogosphere.

Sabina Les: The premise of your blogs is combining fashion, dating and cocktails. What inspired you to pick those themes besides Sex and The City?:)
Ashley Tschudin: I began Cocktail Chic as a simple dating and relationship blog with a twist, comparing every day to a cocktail. As a result of exposure on Twitter, the website grew a following from fashionistas and beauty experts and I expanded my genre to include a fashion website. Hopefully, in the next few months the two will merge on to one platform.

SL: Have you ever worked in fashion, dating or beverage industries? If yes, in what capacity, how long, company names (if you can) Did you like it?
AT: I have worked for a few fashion websites including Glamour Nerd and Vogue Vintage LA but other than that it is just a passion that has increased over the past few years. I have grown in my knowledge of the fashion industry though studying it and working along side other industry professionals.

SL: Are the drink recipes your creations or you consult a bartender guide?
AT: I usually do a search on Google, Bing, or use my iPhone (I'm sickly obsessed) to find cocktails that relate to the blog entry theme. Sometimes it is easy to find cocktails starting with say Ex Boyfriends but when you get specific it begins to get tricky to find just the right one. 

SL:What is you vision behind Vintage Vanity blog?
AT: My original vision behind Vintage Vanity was a vintage fashion inspired site but in the past year it has expanded to be an all-encompassing fashion and beauty blog. I want a section to fit every fashionistas interest and lifestyle.

SL: Was it a business decision to separate Cocktail Chic as a dating blog and Vintage Vanity as a fashion blog?
AT: No, as I stated in question one, Cocktail Chic was created prior to Vintage Vanity and soon they will be merging into one uber blog and then Cocktail Chic will take over the world... ok maybe that's a slight exaggeration.


Rocio i said...

I learned of your blog through SmallWorld. Great interview and congrats on your blog!
Kisses and Shoes,
Rocio ildemaro

'Fashionably Tied' by Sabina Les said...

Tnx Rocio!:) Connect with me on ASW