11 February, 2010

Gen Art "New Garde" and Plastics Make it PossibleSM fashion show

Since 1940s plastic became part of innovative fashion and a staple in our lives. Without plastic such fabrications as nylon, spandex, faux fur and ryan and others wouldn't be possible. Innovative fashions wouldn't be cutting edge without plastic fibers that can be stretched, pulled and manipulated by a designer's vision. More about "Today in Plastics. Fashion and Design" at  www.plasticsmakeitpossible.com
On February 10th, 2010 Gen Art presented "New Garde" fashion show as a part of New York Fashion Week hosted by Molly Sims and sponsored by Plastic Make it PossibleSM  The show featured winners of nationwide competition challenging designers to create dynamic plastic and plastic based fabrics women's looks. More then 160 designers entered the competition and after 15,000 votes, reviews and comments WesFeld (former Project Runway contestants and winner of $10,000) won the competition with their whimsical and romantic creations inspired by nature and water. Their usage of poly-organza, poly-taffeta and plastic boning created sea shell and fossil like silhouettes. 
 WesFeld's winning looks
Look 1 (left 2) graduated shades of pink inspired by sea shell. Material's used: poly-organza, poly-taffeta, plastic woven interface, plastic boning and a peek-a-boo mesh ruffles
Look 2 (right 2) pale gray Dove like shades inspired by fossilized exoskeleton of a trilobite and seahorse's paneled body. Materials used: poly-organza, plastic woven inerfacing, plastic boning and poly-satin piping details. 
Other designers participating in Gen Art presented "New Garde" fashion show included:
Sophomore photoshoot
Plastic Lounge
Maybelline Color Studio lounge
Cosmo-Polymer drinks 

About Plastics Make it PossibleSM
Plastics Make it PossibleSM highlights the many ways plastics inspire innovations that improve our lives, solve big problems and help us design a safer, more promising future. This initiative is sponsored by the plastics industries of the American Chemistry Council.  For more information, visit www.plasticsmakeitpossible.com. 
About Gen Art
Gen Art is the nation's leading arts and entertainment organization dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists. Gen Art produces over 100 events annually, ranging from weeklong film festivals to massive star-studded fashion shows, live music performances, art exhibitions, multimedia events and more. Since 1993 Gen Art has been championing the arts by creating and producing events and exhibits that have helped accelerate the careers of hundreds of young artists.

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