02 January, 2010

ENK trade show information Jan 5th/7th, 2010

January 5th-7th, 2010
The Show Pier
Pier 94 Booth #2752
12th Avenue and 55th St
Please stop by to say Hi and see the scarves.
Note: you need appropriate credentials to get into the show.
Looking forward seeing you there.


Style Artisan said...

I discovered your blog through Wendy B's blog. Thank you for sharing the pictures of all the wonderful holiday windows. It was nice being able to enjoy them in the warmth and comfort of my home!

And the background information on Alice in Wonderland was fascinating. I love to find out background information on things.

Great blog!

Bespoken4 said...

Hey! I think I will be attending, so hope to see you there :)

Can't wait to see what you will have to showcase!

Sabina said...

Thank you guys for the comments!

@Bespoken4: Hope to see you there:)

WendyB said...

Mentioned you in my latest post.

Sabina Les said...
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Sabina Les said...

Tnx @WendyB! I'm planning on writing a follow up after my trade show on your Quality posts addressing the issue. Will refer back to your posts.