09 November, 2009

Why a silk printed scarf is your best travel accessory

Traveling always makes all of us ponder what to pack or not to pack. Regardless of the reason or destination we always want to look our best with the minimum amount of effort. When every inch of space counts silk scarves of different shapes and sizes make the best of your luggage real estate and become a perfect fashion travel item. A stylish silk scarf can transform one outfit into several outfits with a simple addition or using a different way of styling one.
As a frequent traveler myself here are some tips that I like to share to make silk scarves your best fashion friend: 

1. Find silk scarves with pattern colors that work well with your outfits, bag or shoes. Or choose more vivid color scarves that bring out the color of your eyes and hair.

2. Silk scarves are very easy to pack and take up only few inches of space. You can pack only a few key outfits and 5 different scarves to create 10 different looks and have more room for your favorite shoes.

3. Some of my favorite and proved traveling techniques are rolling and folding silk scarves to help minimize wrinkles. By rolling a long 10”x60” oblong scarf into a tight tube you’ll keep one ready to wear.  
A large silk 36” square scarf takes up only a few inches of space when folded into a small square. 
A medium 21” square scarf takes up about 2” of storage space when rolled up. 
This technique also allows the silk scarves to be tucked among other luggage items.

4. Silk scarves are lightweight and require minimum care while traveling. You can pack some in your luggage and tie one around your bag or neck to have it handy in case you get too cold or decide to change your look on a whim. You never know where you’re going to meet you next mr.rightJ

5. When traveling we tend to choose more “color safe” outfits particularly when it’s a business related trip. A colorful scarf adds a pop of color and makes a business attire go from blah to wow. For example adding transforms any black pant suit will into a sexy classical look.
Great silk printed scarves give you a wide variety of looks that’ll take you from “I have nothing to wear” to “I can’t decide which I like more” 

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