27 September, 2009

Preparation for my trade show (Accessories the Show) at the Javits Center

All photos by Sabina Les. Photos are allowed to be used with permission and a courtesy link would be appreciated
Today was my first hand experience with participating in a fashion trade show. The Jacob Javits center was in a process of being very nicely decorated and was surprisingly well organized since there were few major trade shows set up was going on at the same time. The porter services were readily available and assigned to each show and the check in process was quick and painless. I was even warned to hold on to my "food tickets" since they're can't be replaced if lost:)The "Accessories The Show" and "Moda" entrance downstairs at the Javits Center (the guy in the picture was my porter) and goes from Sept. 22nd-24th, from 9am-6pm and from 9am-4pm on Sept 24th.

First hour of preparation. My Booth#159 and was missing a company sign and a table. It's a nice size corner booth and was fun to decorate. My inspiration was a clean modern closet look. I had a few hours to decorate since we were only allowed to stay there until 4pm.

Still playing with the way the best way to display the scarves and finally got my table. My green rug makes me feel at home and i was told that it matches the entrance look of the show:)

Various scarf styling pictures are adhered to the walls by the full length mirror. It's beginning to look like a walk in closet of my dreams:) Love my Bergdorf Goodman hat box! I actually bought a hat there to get this box:) The 21" Square Signature Film Strip scarf on the left is a giveaway entry and will belong to a lucky winner at the end of the show.The booth is almost ready except the sign. I'm happy with the way it came out. A little more to do tomorrow before the show starts.

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